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Bryant, AR Restorative Dentistry

At some point, most people need a tooth filled, a crown placed, or root canal therapy. If you are missing teeth, dental implants, crown and bridgework, or dentures can improve functionality and restore your smile. Orthodontic therapy can straighten teeth and prevent future problems. More serious issues may warrant full-mouth reconstruction.

Dr. Ouellette crafts solid, attractive restorations to repair damaged teeth and revitalize your whole mouth. Whenever possible, he chooses tooth-colored materials that compliment your existing teeth and create aesthetically pleasing repairs. We can refurbish your smile, relieve pain, and reestablish good oral health, so don’t put off necessary dental work any longer.

Contact the Bryant dental office of Dr. David Ouellette to schedule an appointment and get your smile back on track. Patients from Benton, Little Rock, and Central Arkansas visit our practice.

Crowns & Bridges

When you have a fractured tooth, a damaged amalgam filling, or extensive tooth decay, Dr. David L. Ouellette often recommends a dental crown. To strengthen remaining tooth structure and improve your smile, crowns cover the portion of a tooth that extends above the gum line. Depending on which tooth is involved, Dr. Ouellette may choose an all-porcelain, a porcelain-fused-to-metal, or an all-metal crown.

Initially, Dr. Ouellette prepares the tooth and makes a molded impression to send to the dental laboratory. He also places a temporary crown to protect the tooth while you wait for the final restoration. You will return to our office for another visit so that Dr. Ouellette can cement in the permanent crown.

Dental crowns are frequently used as part of tooth replacement solutions. Dental crown supported fixed bridges combine one or more prosthetic teeth attached to an abutment crown on either side of the restoration. These crowns are affixed to healthy teeth on either side of the vacated socket restoring the full form and function to smiles. Individual dental crowns and fixed bridges can also be attached to dental implants to replace missing teeth. If you live in the Benton or Central Arkansas area, call our Bryant office to schedule an appointment. Discover more about crowns in our dental library.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Traditional fillings were made from silver-colored amalgam materials that offered durable restoration for decay and minor damage, but these fillings also had a number of disadvantages. Amalgam fillings noticeably mar patients’ smiles, they require the removal of healthy dental structure to create indentions that hold the filling in place, and they expand and contract due to changes in temperature potentially further damaging or breaking away from teeth. Tooth-colored fillings not only offer a superior cosmetic solution for minor dental damage, they also provide a number of oral health advantages compared with amalgam fillings. Crafted from quality composite resin that closely matches natural dental structure, composite resin is applied directly to the damaged tooth in a malleable form filling in even the tiniest cracks and spaces and allowing our team to preserve more natural dental structure. Once in place, the tooth-colored filling is hardened into position using a curing light. This tightly bonded filling creates a strong, long lasting restoration that is completed in just one appointment.

Root Canals

Anyone who has endured the pain of a severely damaged tooth understands the benefits of root canal therapy. When the nerves, or pulp, inside a tooth are traumatized, they die and can cause tooth loss. During a root canal, Dr. Ouellette removes the pulp, replaces it with manmade material, and seals the tooth, often with a crown.

Many people avoid root canal therapy because they are afraid of pain, but the damaged pulp causes the discomfort, so treatment will actually make your mouth feel better. If you have put off root canal therapy, call our Bryant office today. We welcome patients from Benton, Little Rock, and Central Arkansas. Learn more about root canals.

E4D One-Visit Restorations

Traditionally, advanced restorations like crowns and bridges need to be created and placed over the course of two visits to our office. At our Bryant, AR practice, we are happy to offer same day dental restorations using the state-of-the-art E4D system. This computer assisted design and manufacture (CAD/CAM) process allows us to quickly, efficiently, and precisely complete the entire dental restoration process in a single visit. We start by preparing the tooth or teeth to receive the restoration. Next, we use the E4D system to capture digital impression of our patients’ bite. Unlike traditional bite impressions, the digital variety provides precise, virtual representations of even the tiniest pits and grooves in teeth. These impressions are used by our computer system to create custom restorations that fit tightly against the remaining dental structures. Once the custom crown, bridge, or other restoration is designed, we send the digital design to an in-office milling unit where it is crafted. Once the milling is complete, we place the final restoration, and patients leave with flawless smiles.

Dentures & Partials

Patients with extensive tooth loss should consider repairing their damaged smiles with partial and full dentures. These prosthetic tooth replacement solutions allow our team to replace any number of missing teeth or a full arch to protect healthy dental structures, prevent additional oral health concerns, and renew function and confidence. Partial dentures, sometimes referred to simply as partials, are crafted to replace any number of teeth along an arch. A gum colored base is molded to fill the gaps in patients’ smiles, replacement teeth are attached to the base, and the entire prosthetic is held in place with metallic clasps attached to remaining teeth. Full dentures replace an entire arch of teeth. Similarly crafted by setting replacement teeth into a gum colored base, the full denture is secured through natural suction. This is possible because the malleable base material is precisely crafted to fit snugly against gum tissue causing suction and holding the denture firmly in place. Patients interested in more stable and longer lasting results may want to consider dental implant supported dentures.

Teeth Extractions

Typically, it’s our goal to help patients preserve their natural dental structures. However, there are certain instances where tooth extraction is the best way to preserve overall oral health. We may recommend extraction in the following situations:

Sleep Apnea Treatment

Visiting the dentist may not be a patient’s first thought when diagnosed with sleep apnea, the repeated cessation of breathing for ten or more seconds at a time during sleep, but in many cases, dentists are able to offer patients comfortable, effective treatment using an oral appliance. These nightguards are crafted to shift the jaw slightly forward during sleep. This shift places pressure on the throat muscles that keeps them tensed and prevents the airway from closing or becoming obstructed. Oral appliance therapy for sleep apnea is recommended for the following patients:

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